Saturday, April 16, 2016


Well here we are all bright eyed and not so bushy the last time I posted alot has happened I got neck cancer been through chemo and radiation therapy and handled them great no real problems or sickness till after I was done with chemo. Now I have good and bad days my only problems are my hips and knees. 1-2 good days followed by days were I can hardly walk ! But LIFE goes on in the world much as it has for the last 1000 years. I am ALIVE and hopping they got it all I will know more on the 22nd of this month they are doing a P.E.T scan to see if they got it all. I still have in a trak and eat through a feeding tube  but they say after the swelling goes down I should be able to talk normal and EAT. OOOOOOh eat if you have never had to go with out solid food ITS a challenge my taste buds are just now starting to return the dry moth is residing and i can drink A LITTLE   before it tries to DROWNED me and I go to hacking it up through my trak . I have such plans for when i can eat its a TURKEY DINNER FOR ME Im going to eat till I pass OUT. but I regress life goes on . We have the garden tilled and 3/4 of it planted got the yard mowed last week . Thank GOD for my rider mower. I would also like to thank my dear friend big John who holds the note on my place for holding off on me making payments till my disability kicks in in June of this year. With out the support of him and his famley we would have been homeless and sitting in the dark. I would also like to thank all my friend and famley for there support so the New Year is off to a good start -----------